in the clouds as they build up over the day only to dump their moisture in the evening like at rush hour.  I don't know when this pattern will stop and just give us cool and clear days. Here is an example:

Grey multi-colored clouds

Disturbing pattern and colour.

So many colours but mostly grey

A bunch of us attended the local training facility for ALL AGES. 

Warriors Boxing and Fitness. One side of the squared circle.

Well organized, well attended by family and friend supporters, Mom's and Dad's, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle.

Plenty of seating.  They had four-feet wide fans moving the air.  But the organizers needed more. The folks were getting very warm.

Jim and Rodney (the Boys)

Front to back are:

Rodney Radio Voice 2. Rodney speaks low and slow.  You can't help but hear him too. Loyal and respectful gentlemen. Beside Rodney is Steve-O's son Aaron I believe.  

Next row back is dominated by:

Jim, Radio Voice 1. Jim knows everyone and even their children. Shy but takes no bullshit, joker when you know him. Loyal and respectful man.

The back part of the Warriors Gym.

The various flags at the ceiling, the religious altars to their gods and patron people.

Loosen up, train, discuss strategy.

Knock out? Nope. 
The fight continued and Little Red who is about 10 inches lower and gave away a longer reach kept at Blue.
But guess what?

Little Red won the fight. Jab, jab, jab

Best shirt there that night

The amateur fight was properly sanctioned and officiated. (I made a point to congratulate the refs after their fight.

Hot dogs, pop, (soda?), alcohol with Bud (they ran out early) and Bud Light and fruity coolers that the girls drink nowadays.

So you have hot food, cold drink, companionship, great seats, great views, fantastic fighting, superb sportsmanship, free and many parking spaces, on the second floor. They must have an elevator to allow wheelchairs to enjoy the art of boxing.

Fight Night Attire.

Nice fight night attire.

I did not post the Rounds Card girl.

Well, again I went on and on.

I will finish with a hearty Hi Ho Silver, AWAY.




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