SUNSETS are magical in that their patterns are unique every time that the Sunsets.  I, for one, feel privileged to view each and every one. (A story for another time).

With the year progressing to now be August 6th which is pretty close to the 15th.  That is mid-August and almost September;  September has always freaked me as that was back to school time. 

From top to bottom, each picture is called Close, Closer, Closest.
Copper colours create a creepy cloud over the closed commercial storage complex.

Casual and Soft, Sun shows her colours when below horizons

Sam the Strawman waving goodnight to Sun.  He waited all day.

Nature never ever makes a straight line. The top is Nature and Bottom is manmade

Humble and Humid.  London, Canada at the end of the day.

A few nice pictures is always a good idea to show to people.  I have way more on my website.
I am having such a great time taking these pictures and videos for all of you.  No matter what time of day you go outside for a photoshoot, there is always something interesting to document.  That is how I see it and I will continue to be having fun here.

See you later.



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